Why Hand Sanitizer Is Bad For You

Why Hand Sanitizer Is Bad For You

Being a parent it is must to take care of our kids. Hygiene safety is also must to be taken. These days we all are using hand sanitizers due to corona virus prevention. Do we know excessive use of hand sanitizer can lead us towards another big problem? Here in this article we will discuss the problems caused by using hand sanitizers in excess amount so that you can take precautions and keep your children and yourself safe.

Lets know what these problems are?


1- Why Hand Sanitizer Is Bad For You-

Excessive use of sanitizer can also cause problems

Excessive use of sanitizer can also cause allergic reactions, itching and itching. Dermatologists claim that 90 percent of the hand sanitizers present in the market are not of good quality. People are using them in large numbers.

2- Alcohol Poisoning


Alcohol and other things used in these can cause skin allergies. Due to its excessive use, the skin starts to become red and there may be small rash. It contains ethanol, n-propanol, a dry alcohol called isoprofinal. It ends the skin’s natural moisture. Tendency in the hands and skin begins to dry. Itching also occurs.

3-  Allergic problems are coming


Dermatologists tell that for the past few days, patients who are having itching or allergic problems are coming. It turned out that they are using sanitizers. It has been proved in many research that excessive use of sanitizer can cause skin related problems. One can use sanitizer when coming home from out or when reaching office, but should avoid repeated use. This trouble- The sanitizer contains toxins and benzal konium chloride, which removes germs and bacteria from the hands, but it, is not good for our skin. This can cause burning and itching. For the fragrance, a chemical called phthalates is used, its quantity is more, and they are harmful. These sanitizers also reduce the body’s resistance. Due to the amount of alcohol in the sanitizer, it can affect the health of children, especially if the children swallow it in ignorance. Skin becomes dry due to excessive use.

You are requested to take precautions and keep your children and yourself safe.

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