The Drug for Corona Virus

The Drug for Corona Virus


The Drug for Corona Virus


Our scientists are researching for the medicine or vaccine or drug for corona virus. As a parent be aware about the information for the Hydroxychloroquine , so that we can save our self and our kids . Hydroxychloroquine is the drug most commonly used for rheumatoid arthritis. It is also of little use in treating malaria. But it is less toxic than Malaria. The United States is demanding this because studies there have found that if someone gets Corona Virus. If he is given Hydroxychloroquine medicine before going to the ventilator.  There is quite a chance that he does not go on the ventilator. Donald Trump became so excited through the study that he tweeted that the Hydroxychloroquine drug could prove to be a game-changer in the treatment of the corona virus.

The Drug for Corona Virus-

The point to note is that-


The point to note is that this drug does not eliminate the Corona virus but only reduces some of its effects to a great extent. The Indian Council of Medicine has also said that doctors and health workers in the hospital may be able to treat the corona virus. The patient is very close to them. This medicine will prove to be very effective for them. In the US, this medicine is made in very small amounts. Because before that they were not even needed. But fortunately India used to make it more and the whole world needs it today. This requires a special material called an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient or API. Which comes from China. Our government has also talked with China that by sending our large planes, we will airlift medicine supplies from there.

And PM Modi has assured President Donald Trump that we will assist you fully on this issue.

Yes, and there are some of the best pharmaceutical companies in our country that can make 20 to 25 crores of hydroxychloroquine medicines a month like ZYDUS, CADILA, and WALLACE etc.

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