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Teach your children to save nature at Holi

Holi- Let the colors of happiness not those of nature

Teach your children to save nature at Holi


Holi- Let the colors of happiness not those of nature- Using natural colors and resources to play Holi is not only good for your health, it is also suitable for the environment…

Holi is one such festival which is celebrated by all the citizens of the country. The walls of language, caste and religion fall in this festival. We make any stranger drench with colors by saying ‘Do not believe Holi Hai’. This is the specialty of this festival. But due to changing circumstances and changing thinking of people, Holi is no longer as beautiful as it used to be. Now instead of natural colors, there is the prevalence of film songs instead of chemical colors, drunkenness instead of cold and folk music. Then like other festivals, the effect of marketism on this festival is now clearly visible. Chemicals are being sold in the market by mixing chemicals in color to earn profits, which have an adverse effect on both our health and the environment. Modern Holi is polluting our environment.

Colorful flowers were first used to create color, which did not harm the skin due to its natural properties. But as the cities and population started expanding, so did the number of trees also decreasing. Due to this, there was also a shortage of flowers. On the other hand, the business related to colors started growing, making colors from flowers became expensive. Then chemical things were used to make color for the benefit. It is a profitable deal in terms of business, but extremely harmful for health and environment.

Problem for the environment

Teach your children to save nature at Holi


But the tradition of Holika Dahan is a big problem for the environment. Now-a-days Holi is lit in every street, and wood is used. In the competition, the organizers try to make their bonfire size larger than the other’s bonfire. Due to this, a large number of trees are cut in the name of Holika Dahan. The only way to save them is that instead of doing Holika Dahan at every intersection, Holika Dahan should be done at 1 or 2 places in the city. There is immense wealth of agriculture and livestock in India. Due to the abundance of cattle in our country, cow dung is also very much, so people should burn the holi of Kande instead of wood so that the cutting of trees can be stopped and the environment can be saved from harm.

Holi should be played with dry color of flowers instead of chemical colors, so that the side effect of the colors and water damage can be prevented. Do not use balloons or plastic bags to play Holi. These can cause accidents, as well as these cause plastic waste to spread around the road, causing damage to the environment.

Poisonous colors -Teach your children to save nature at Holi

Lead oxide is used to make black color, which causes the risk of kidney failure. Green color is made of copper sulphate, which directly affects the eyes. This can cause allergic and inflammatory problems in the eyes. The person may also be temporarily blind. Red color mercury is formed from sulfite. This chemical is highly toxic. This can lead to skin cancer. Gulaal is made up of colorant and silica or asbestos. These are toxic substances, which harm health. These can cause asthma and skin diseases.

So this time on the festival of Holi, you can use home made colors to color your children and your loved ones, or use sandalwood vaccines and flowers, which are neither harmful nor any harm to the environment. Reaches. Give the same education to your children.

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