Meditation 🧘🏾‍♀️does not mean becoming a sadhu or yogi. Meditation is a process which connects us with nature and help us to improve our soul and fulfill our desires. meditation is like a medication which  creates self determination inside the person. It generates the sense of co-operation in the human being.


Can meditation 🧘🏾‍♀️change your personality and life?

Generally, it is said that which child born, he carries his personality and it is fixed.It cannot be changed. On the basis of same he lives his life. But my dear friends you will be surprise to know that it is a myth. Personality can be groomed and changed. The one way is by giving environment like that in which we want to mold. And another way is Mediation. There are scientific proofs that meditation can influence personality and life in positive ways.

Meditation 🧘🏾‍♀️ creates self determination inside the person. It generates the sense of co-operation in the human being. No doubt meditation changes our personality and life.

Why meditation is important for us? ✌️

The people who practice meditation daily at regular basis, they share their tremendous experience. Many times it is also seen that, mediator says some statements for the benefits of others and it happened exactly same.  It is not a magic. It is just setting tune with nature. It also can be called the law of attraction which get implemented because of amazing concentration power of mediator.

In old yoga, it is heard that, yogis fly from one place to another place. It is also true. They achieve this power due to mediation only. Meditation makes our thoughts positive and filled us kindness.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can fulfill all your wishes and desires. Well it is said that we come by writing our destiny in advance, but with karmic, faith and lofty desire, you can find what you need.

Meditate daily. It will improve your concentration and help you to tune with nature. 

After that, think about what you want.

  • Make a picture of that object or person and put it in your room and wake up every morning and see it and send it to nature that it wants you.
  • Make a board or diary, write about it in your desired object or person or aspiration, and read it daily.
  • Gradually assure yourself that your desired object or person or wish will be fulfilled.
  • Give this process 5 to 10 minutes daily.

Then slowly realize that your desired object or person or wish is getting fulfilled.

Mantra is an accumulation of words, which can attain favors and destroy negative obstacles. Mantra is composed of two words – which implies with mind and meditation which means Shankat.


– Om is considered to be the king of all the mantras.

– All the Beams and Mantras have arisen out of it.

– It is applied before some mantras. Om mantra is that much powerful.

– It is the sign of Parabrahma.

– The effect of Om continuous chanting is related to the nirguna element of om God.

– The entire Saguna universe has been created only by the nirguna element of God. For this reason, when someone chants om, excessive power is created.

– Benefits of chanting Om- For this reason when someone chants Om, he communicates positive energy.

– That positive energy will solve all your troubles.

  • Meditation reduces the stress level. People must try meditation.
  • Generally it is seen that people are unable to maintain their attention and concentration on a point for a long. It lengthens our concentration power and Attention Span. It is benefits of mediation.
  • It may reduce the Age-Related Memory Loss. It is benefit of mediation
  • It gives us power to forgive others for any reason. It is important benefit of mediation.
  • One important benefit of meditation is It helps to connect with nature.

Any Query..?

Facing problem in doing meditation? Do not worry, Its not do difficult. Just connect with me and get simple techniques for living a happy life with peaceful mind.