Language of Silence

Is language of silence works?

Is language of silence works? How and who understands the language of silence?

There is a need for language to communicate, but there is also a language of modesty. Khamoshi is also understood as if Hindi or English language is learned. Is language of silence works? Let’s see

Point 1

– When two people are associated with each other, even in each other’s silence, they know why the other partner is angry.

Point 2

– If we say no, we can read 100 percent of anyone’s mind. Speaking and talking is a solution to every problem.

But without knowing, without seeing, without a physical presence, you can also know the problems in someone’s absence. This usually does not happen to everyone.

Point 3

– It is only between special people or says that between Solmates.

Their soul is made of the same element. Even without these physical presences, they also know the troubles of each other without saying because nature gives the message to those who are called intuitive and intuitive knowledge. Due to being the same type of spirit, both of them join this message and know that their partner has no problem or even knowing that what the problem is.

In such a situation, both of them start experiencing restless and then they can easily find solutions to each other’s problems by speaking and talking.

Point 4

– As soon as this speech speaks to your partner, understand that half the problem is solved by this and they feel comfortable. The rest of the problems are solved by solving them.

Point  5

– Transparency with one another is the jewel of them.

Point  6

– Those who can read the poem of this vulgarity or say that those who find their soul mates are very fortunate.

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