Enjoy your exams



People get nervous when they think about facing any exam. They even cannot imagine that exams can be enjoyed by us.  Yes friends, it is true. Here in Enjoy the exam section we will discuss how to prepare for exams and starting enjoying.

My dear friends, enjoying the exam is very easy, smooth and simple. It is just depends on your state of your mind and your daily routine. That is why I say, “Mind Matters”.

I am going to tell you some important points which can be in the list of “HOW TO ENJOY YOUR EXAMS , BE STRESS FREE” . I hope it will help you all a lot.

Point 1

Get proper amount of rest, means 7–8 hours of sound sleep.

Point 2

Make sure you are not compromising on your diet. Being healthy is very important.

Point 3

Do not leave major chunks of any subject for eleventh hour revision.

Point 5

Go slowly and smartly.

Pont 6

Listen calm music. It can be helpful sometimes.

Point 7

Understand that you have done what you could. Now is the time for delivering.

Ponit 8

Make your notes handy.

Point 9

Go through the chapters briefly at a glance and you will be set. Keep easy.

Point 10- Make study groups with sincere friends. It will help you a lot.

Point 11

Avoid last moment preparation.

Point 13

Praise yourself and think positive.

Point 14- Sometimes, when you have no mood to study, Try this amazing trick.  Just record your voice when you read something. And keep listening to it like you listen to music. It will help you a lot before for exams

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