Be A Topper In Studies

How to be a Topper in Studies

How to be a Topper in Studies

Everyone in life wants to be a Topper. Do you want to know how to be a Topper in Studies. Do you also want to be at top? Answer is obviously – a big yes. Someone said- if you want to do something, we have to take an action for that in right direction. Now question arises what are the points and keywords which we have to keep in our mind and focus on that. So here I am telling you the most important points which will lead you a topper. So lets start.

1- Avoid last moment preparation –


If you want to become a topper you have to avoid last moment preparation. Yes, Friends, make your time table, allot time for self study to the subject in which you want to become topper.

2- Choose best for life, not best for you-

Choose best for your life, not for you. We live in present and want to enjoy present moments. Many times we couldn’t identify what is best for us. We couldn’t see the long term impact of the decisions and take wrong decisions. So take time, and decide what is best for your life.

3- You need a plan-

Planning is must. Plan your day, plan your time even plan your hours. Make timetable. Plan your syllabus also. It will help you to analyse and synthesize the things in better way.

4-  Don’t be mediocre-

Make yourself different. Don’t be of only average quality. To do something different you have to take different steps from others.

5- Learn from your mistakes-

No one said do not do mistakes but yes don’t repeat mistakes. Learn from mistakes and improve yourself.

6- Give priority to study –

Prioritize your things. Yes friends, Give priority to your study. It is very important to become topper in studies.

7- Choose the study as interest-

What is our attitude, it reflects in our personality. A person does the works best in the field he has interest.  So it is highly recommended to choose study subjects as per your interest so that you can give your best and perform outstanding.

8- Inclination towards the study-

This point is associated with the previous one. Yes inclination towards study is very important and it will come automatically if choose the study as per your interest.