How to avoid Corona Virus

How to avoid Corona Virus

First of all, by taking care of these things, you can avoid to prevent yourself and your child from corona Virus COVID-19 or any kind of poisonous contagious.

Point 1. How to avoid Corona Virus

Wash hands thoroughly with sanitizer, soap, and water several times a day for at least 20 seconds.

Point 2.

Keep your face covered while coughing, use a handkerchief or paper napkin.

Point 3. How to avoid Corona Virus

If you spend 8-9 hours in the office, then there is the highest risk of infection here. At the same time, no matter how cleanliness may be in the office, you should first clean your work station as soon as you reach the office. With the work station, you should also clean things like keyboard, mouse, where everyone’s hands are repeated.

Point 4.

Hand Sanitizers should also carry on the workplace. The best way to prevent the spread of corona virus is to take complete care of the hygiene of the hands. If your hands are clean, then not just the corona virus but any virus and disease can be prevented from spreading. But do you know hand sanitizers are also bad for you?.

Point 5. How to avoid Corona Virus

Disposable wipes should be given to the employees in the office so that they clean common places like door handle, door knob, lift button, remote control, desk etc. before wiping them. Doing this can also prevent the corona virus from spreading.

Point 6.

If you have a cough, cold, or phlegm problem, or someone in your office has this problem, do not assume that it is a corona virus, but do a quick check up. Use of things like mask, tissue, even if there is a common flu.

Point 7. How to avoid Corona Virus

If your health is worse, it is better to stay at home. Join the office only after you are completely cured at home.

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