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Swati has helped over 1000’s of parents and children to guide regarding Successful parenting and child Psychology.


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What I do

Successful Parenting

Here in Successful parenting with Swati Saini, you will get Practical Guidance to handle Wrong Demands, Hyper-activeness and animation, youngster’s /children’s Anger. Figure out how to bargain. Child’s TV-Games, Mobile Addiction? Figure out how to discover your Child’s Inborn Talent and make your child healthy, wealthy and successful. Be a happy and stress- free parents. Are you next?

Enjoy Your Exams

Everyone gives exams in his/ her life and wants to get maximum results and get full marks. But people/children take it as a compulsion or burden over their head. Everyone knows we do those things best in which we have interest. But there are fewer votes for academics interest. In “Enjoy your exam “with Swati Saini you will say bye bye to your exam tension. You will learn to enjoy your exams

Happy Relationships

We all are tied in some relationships and want to live happy. Sometimes it couldn’t happen. There are many reasons in different relationships due to which we may get uneasiness or pain. Trust me we can sail all our relationships very easily. Do you want to know tricks and remedies?


Many people think mediation means leaving everything and becoming sadhu or yogi. It is not. Meditation is a technique or process which gives you happiness and power to take right decisions and manifest the desires. That’s why people get success and happiness in their life. Do you want to know how?

Why choose me

Points that make me unique


Always on time

We give you services always on time with satisfactory results


Hard working

Hard work is our key success. We try to keep our clients satisfied in positive aura.


Accurate record keeping

We work on accuracy and guide you the best way possible

About Us

Learn Meditation with Swati Saini

Meditation is Medication. It really helps us to gift a stress free life and makes our mind focused. We all want to take better decisions in our life. Download the book and follow it.

Upcoming Book on

Powerful Parenting Tips

This book is all about your child and you. It means this book will help you to make your child happy, healthy, and successful and built the strong relationship between you and your child. It will cover all the problems your child faces in his/her life and give you the solution for that. This book also surrounds all the good parenting tips for the parents. It builds the healthier relationship with your kids. After reading this book you will be able to know your child’s mindset, his/her behaviour, psychology and what your child wants. You will also be aware about the biggest mistake which commonly parents do. This book will tell you the way how to help your child to get good marks in exams, how to manifest the desires in the life and get connected with nature.

Author – Swati Saini



What people say about me?

If someone ask me who is the right person to guide on upbringing of kids then I would recommend to consult Swati Saini. She handled my issues with non-judgmental approach and its her guidance that helped me to come out from my problems

Ruchi Srivastava

Bank Manager, Mother of Shrey and Samarth

I was struggling with my kids for years and today We are the better parents. Thanks to Swati, you are really an awesome guide, coach and true friend to me.

Shreya Patil

Housewife, Mother of Arnav

Swati Saini turned as an excellent fit to change my cordination with my kids and family! Amazing and easy to implement tools, she guide me to use and implement. I truly believe that Swati creates a strong bridge between me and my kids. Thanks a Lot dear.

Anand Shekhar

Manager, Father of Shourya

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