want to change your partner accordingly

Change Your Partner Accordingly.

Do You Want To Change Your Partner Accordingly?

Nowadays this is a very common time that we want our partners to change themselves according to our calculations. The care is not bad, but now the issue is how to do this?

Let’s know what you have to do?

– Make a little change in yourself, and see, your partner will show a double change.

– What you want to change with your partner, say it with great love, using good words.

Tell your partner that you do not want to change it, but you are having trouble with one of his work.

– Keep a sense of dedication. it will help you a lot.

– Give your partner freedom

– Do not want to change your partner completely because he is not a puppet.

Love is such a key that you can mold the person completely. Or say that love is such a loop in which he would like to be himself.

– by Force we cannot change anyone.

– Make your partner feel special.

– Do not hurt his ego.

– Always correct yourself and not wrong your partner.

– There is no healing in saying sorry. Learned to say no to mistake, but it must be from both sides.

– Whose fault is it, both say sorry to each other.

– It should be the case of saying that you are keeping your partner up and down on yourself. Do not say that “mistake was mine, but the mistake was yours too”. Because in it you nourished your ego. Ego always spoils things. Do you really want to  your partner as per your wish or desires ? Know the exact way for it?